bamboo treehouse

An informal blog version of my formal website. The intention is to add news and some insight into my ongoing predilection for bamboo and the hooch. With these raw materials and conceptual abode, I have evolved a paradigm for living lightly on this Earth. It is quite the adventure, so, why not share.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Hooch: concept; and the original

The concept: to build an environmentally sensitive treehouse. Make it a universal design, that requires no special engineering or designing that fits only in one particular tree. Make it pre-fab, make it so it can be placed anywhere, with negligible site alteration. Make it small- no building permit, make it temporary - no permanent foundation, and make it light - efficient use of materials. And, of course, make it out of bamboo - renewable, flexible, strong, light, - a natural!

Here is the original hooch (the one below). It is the master bedroom of our home in Rincon', Puerto Rico. The basic structure is made from Guadua bamboo poles. It has withstood category three hurricane winds, and many seasons of falling mangoes.

The trailer/ladder perch (above) is one way cool version of the basic concept: get high, and see forever. I have no idea of the origin of the pic- but it certainly conveys the message- live lightly, with a small footprint (literally, and figuratively)

bamboo bicycle panniers

This is so cool. Bamboo panniers made so that the common grocery bag fits perfectly in each space provided. The whole pannier is easily attached and removed with bungee cords on the standard metal back rack. As you can see, I've can load some major loads. my record is $77 worth- including heavy stuff like a gallon of milk, and beer, of course.
I have launched a program to use my bicycle and bamboo panniers for all our grocery needs. No fossil fuels, and it is great sport. So efficient: loading, unloading, and the actual peddling from home, to store, to home. I live in the small town of Ashland- very bike friendly. I can take the bike path most of the way to our favorite grocery store- and it is mostly downhill for the loaded ride back.
I now employ re-usable canvas grocery bags, instead of the paper bags shown - even more eco-logical. Ultimately, I want to add a front set of bamboo panniers- for a four bagger. Stay tuned....

bamboo treehouse

Okay, I'll try this. I'll blog the latest in my ongoing romance with the hooch (bamboo treehouse), bamboo craft, and whatever else crosses my mind. That's what blogging is all about, right?
In the meantime, until I get this together, you can see my formal site, which is quite comprehensive, about the hooch, my bamboo, and various other bamboo creations:

The Long Tom River hooch, in Noti, Oregon- just West of Eugene, near the Oregon Country Fair. The hooch is 10' by 10', and uses locally harvested Douglas Fir poles instead of bamboo- as with all the tropical hooches out there.