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An informal blog version of my formal website. The intention is to add news and some insight into my ongoing predilection for bamboo and the hooch. With these raw materials and conceptual abode, I have evolved a paradigm for living lightly on this Earth. It is quite the adventure, so, why not share.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a 3D gallery

I thought I'd throw this in- see if it works. It is a 3D gallery (software from with a bunch of 3D bamboo creations I have made using Google Sketchup. Check it out.
Navigate through the gallery by changing scenes. or views. Click on any particular object, and, you are transported to the Google 3D gallery and the 3D object. You can view in total 3D with the Google Sketchup software.
A very impressive system for viewing in 3D, for sure.


At 7:09 AM, Blogger Marlise said...

Great scene. You should upgrade to our 3D viewer. It will allow your blog visitors to pan around and zoom in and out, as well as change camera angles, all within your embedded scene.

Marlise Nishikihama
Director, Marketing


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