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An informal blog version of my formal website. The intention is to add news and some insight into my ongoing predilection for bamboo and the hooch. With these raw materials and conceptual abode, I have evolved a paradigm for living lightly on this Earth. It is quite the adventure, so, why not share.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The 3D hooch

After some effort, I've managed to render the hooch in 3D. Using Googles' Sketchup software (free), the hooch can now be viewed from any perspective. You can climb the stairs, go inside, peer up through the skylight, hang out. Way cool!
This particular file is 6 MB and you will need to download the Sketchup software. But, hey, its free! The file can be found at: /

Ue "hooch" as the search word


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